Why nostalgia matters in our age: theorising nostalgia

[Excerpt from my dissertation Hong Kong New Nostalgia Cinema: Reconstructing Local Subjectivity in the Cinematic Nostalgic Space.] Nostalgia has long been entwined with the nationalist and patriotic sentiments at the rudimentary stage. The word itself (from Greek nóstos “return home” and álgos “pain”), originated in the 17th century as a pathological entity denoting an acute homesickness, and … More Why nostalgia matters in our age: theorising nostalgia

[CULTURE] Does China celebrate Thanksgiving?

Students holding “Thank You” signs in different languages in Zhengzhou, Central China. In recent decades, while western festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas have been widely celebrated among young Chinese; Thanksgiving Day, a festival originated in North America seems to have received the cold shoulder. In contrast, Black Friday unsurprisingly has attracted growing … More [CULTURE] Does China celebrate Thanksgiving?